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Process instrumentation, High Temperaure and Cryogenic service, High pressure service, Vacuum service.


Tow Ferrule design.

Stainless Steel, Duplex, Carbon steel, hastelloy, Alloy400,600,825...

Gaugeaility - Vibration resistance,

Excellent Leak-Free Sealing System in high thermal stresses and high impulse.



Maximum Working Pressure:


Working Temperature Range:

-320˚F to 1200˚F(-196˚C to 649˚C)

Unión Recta Reducida

Unión Recta
Bulkhead Unión Reducido
Bulkhead Unión
Rectos Terminal Macho NPT
Rectos Terminal Hembra NPT  
Bulkhead Terminal Macho NPT
Bulkhead Terminal Hembra NPT
Codo de 90° Unión Reducido
Codo de 90° Unión
Codo de 90° Terminal Macho NPT  
Codo de 45° Terminal Macho NPT  
Codo de 90° Terminal Hembra NPT  
Tee Unión Reducida al Centro
Tee Unión Reducida Lateral  
Tee Terminal Macho NPT al Centro  
Tee Terminal Macho NPT Lateral  
Tee Terminal Hembra NPT al Centro  

Tee Terminal Hembra NPT Lateral

Cruz Unión
Adaptador Terminal OD  
Adaptador Terminal Macho NPT  
Adaptador Terminal Hembra NPT  
Adaptador Terminal Ferrul  
Adaptador Terminal Macho JIC  
Recto Terminal Macho JIC  
Tapón Plug
Tapón CAP  
Ferrul Trasero  
Ferrul Delantero  
Tapón Screen  
Set de Ferrules  
Set de Tuercas y Ferrules  


Flaring and swaging


Flares and burnishes 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 5/8” O.D. tubing.

Faceted hardened steel, chrome finished cone rolls out perfect 45 degrees flares above die block and automatically burniches flare face reducing the need for deburring, original wall thickness is maintained at base of flare. Slip on yoke permits use in tight quarters, where there is a little space between nut and tube end.



Heat treated dies grip tubing without scoring.


Tubing Tool Kit


For soft copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass tubing.

Kit contains a TC-1000 tube cutter a flaring and swaging tool

include tool case.



For soft copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass tubing.

Kit contains a TC-1000 tube cutter and doble flaring adapters

include tool case.





For refrigeration and air conditioning service



  • 127-C

  • 127-CO

  • 124-C

  • 125-C

  • 126-C

  • 195-F


Service Manifolds

4 valv efficiency Vacuum, low side, high side and refrigerant lines are individualy connected and controlled.


4 times faster evacuation 3/8 vacuum port and oversize internal passages evacuate systems four times faster than ordinary manifolds.


Unique deep draw vacuum valve design. proven diaphgragm-type- soft seat valves require only fingertip pressure to close completely


Precision Refrigerant Gauges

Superior Shock Resistance. Our unique design isolates the movement from the socket, reducing the effects of shock.


Superior Vibration Resistance. Our Enhanced vibration dampening design cushion the movement for flutter-free performance and extended gauge service life.


Superior Pulsation Resistance. After 10 million cycles, These gauges show three lines less wear than conventional gauges. the result is a longer lasting.


Kwik Coupler Adapters

The adapter set is intended for use with refrigeration and air conditioning services hoses when connecting to core valve types acces fittings. Conventional Threaded connecting converting to pull push operation which is faster easier and positive.



Automatic fulla depression of core valves with out adjusment, regarless of core position.

Coupler halves separately connect to acces fitting and hose ends.

Eliminate hazardous discharge of refrigerant and oil from system.

Simplifies operation of charging.


Charging Scales

The 4900 refrigeration charging scale is the ideal choice for field service work. with a high resolution LCD screeen that reads in both lbs. and kgs. This scale comes packaged in a convenient carrying case and is powered by (1) 9 volt battery.


Battery operated (9V) for easy of portability

220lbs - 100Kgs

High resolution LCD Screen with backup capability

Automatically powers off

weight: 6.5 lbs.



Accurately charge your refrigeration system with charge-check, available in a number of sizes to suit your needs.



Comes in three sizes to suit any application

Allows you to measure out precise quantities of refrigerant.

Helps speed up the charginf process by letting you charge with heat.

Allows you to carry small quantities of refrigerant to the job.

Can be calibrated for ambient temperature variations.



Hermetic Compressors are permanently sealed which means there is little you can do to fix one that is broken on the inside. However with the following tools brought to you, you can test the compressor for any electrical problems.



Tied up compressors may be freed by reversing motor rotations.

Tests windings for opens, continuity and grounds.

Test starts and run capacitators and system relays.

Measures start and run volts.



Strippers & Crimpers


Upfront cutter

Apfront strippers



Ring Pliers